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We once again trotted out to Chino for the Planes of Fame Airshow – our favorite airshow.  Not that we go to lots of airshows.  But, you know, just because you go to only one doesn’t mean it can’t be your favorite.  Especially if what you are interested in is vintage planes.
Planes of Fame

The Planes, Oh the Sexy Planes

As I am fairly ignorant when it comes to planes (I just like how they sound and look), I decided it was my job to try and I.D. two planes each year.  That way, when I see them, I can look up in the sky and act with feigned knowledge, “Oh, look, that is a P-38”, and make all of the vintage plane-loving men around me (because, you know, there are so many) swoon in ecstasy.

Actually, I just wanted to be able to not sound ridiculous as I say, “Look at that plane, and that other plane.”  Last year I learned about P-40 Warhawks (the planes with faces), but I think that is largely because of the paint job.  I learned the same this year about Zeros.  Big red dots – got it.  If they weren’t painted, I’d be in trouble.  But these were, so score!  I also learned what a P-38 was.  Two tails, I can remember that.  So yes, I know I sound silly, but for a gal that isn’t familiar with planes, every little bit of recognition help works.

Planes of Fame Planes of Fame Planes of Fame Planes of Fame Planes of Fame

This year was nice as they had not one but three Zeros.  One being the only remaining one in the world with the original Nakajima Sakai 31 engine.  By the way, it purred.  They also had not one but three B-25 Mitchell bombers.
I think it is pretty amazing that a plane that can go hundreds of miles an hour can fold up to a fraction of its original size.
Planes of FamePlanes of FamePlanes of FamePlanes of Fame
Once again we were able to enjoy a lovely outing on a stirring day – get your plane geek on and go to the Planes of Fame Airshow!
Planes of Fame Planes of Fame Planes of FamePlanes of Fame


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