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The Los Angeles County Fair is one I go to every year and have done so since I was a little girl. A nostalgia thing, I guess, because I’m usually grumpy from the heat and bodies surrounding me. But each time it comes around, I’m chomping at the bit to go. Strange, eh?  I guess you could even say it qualifies as vintage, as it has been taking place for 90 years.
This year’s fun was no exception.  It was only in the 90s (why that’s balmy!)  It was still crowded and the games and rides were still a rip-off.  I saw the same home improvement/beauty/cleaning/furniture items I see every year and I even got out without purchasing a shamwow, though the Cal Spas were looking tempting.  However, I still got to enjoy some of my favorite highlights.
Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair
What, you’ve never posed as a cowgirl cheese-head?
On the grounds of the Fairplex is the Southern California Chapter of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society.  They have several locomotives and cars you can check out.  It is surprising how large they are – you feel dwarfed next to them.
Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair
 Southern Pacific 5021
Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair
Union Pacific “Big Boy” 4014.
In working order she weights over one million
At the L.A. Fair, you can enjoy pirate dogs leaping into swimming pools while catching a frisbee…
Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair

Or have little parrots filch dollar bills from your hand and fly back to their owner with the goods.  Well, it isn’t exactly filching.  I did hold it out for him to get and even picked it up off the ground and handed it back to him when he dropped it.

Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair
The fair doesn’t disappoint when it comes to animals.  You can see side show animals…
Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair


Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair
 Hey, I resemble that remark!
Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair
And your cute traditional farm animals as well.
Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair
Of course I had to pose with her as she and I looked so cute together in our little dresses, though her necklace was really quite attractive.  I was thinking of lifting it off of her.
And finally, it wouldn’t be the fair without consuming one of the myriad foods on a stick available.  I stuck with the traditional and one of the original foods on a stick – the candy apple.  Not deep fried and just a little bad for you.
Lady by Choice - Los Angeles County Fair
When you go to the fair, what is your favorite part?  The food?  The animals?  The shopping?  The shows?  Do tell!

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2 responses to “ALL’S FAIR AT THE FAIR”

  1. Patricia Lynn, you look absolutely smashing! I adore that mix of feminine pink and candy apple red. I'd borrow the whole outfit from you, if such a thing were possible. 🙂

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Jessica! It is one of my new favorite dresses. You gotta love seersucker and I'll wear it while it is still blistering out.


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